Juggling Josh, also know as Joshua Edelman, has been delighting
audiences with his unique blend of breathtaking skills and side splitting
comedy for over a decade. He is grateful to be one of those people who
is lucky enough to make a career out of doing something he loves, and this passion shows through in his work.

Josh wasn't always so lucky. He has never been considered an ordinary person, but for years he tried to lead an ordinary life. He finished college, got a good job, etc… However, after a few years of working in an office he realized that he could no longer hold in his inner circus freak. You can only get written up for tossing staplers and coffee mugs over your cubicle walls so many times before realizing it's time to make a change. He decided to leave the corporate world behind him, and become a full time professional juggler.

Since then Juggling Josh has exploded onto the scene, performing and making people laugh all over the world. On rare occasions you may still catch him juggling staplers.